Household Tasks

Household Tasks

Rest Care WA provides cleaning services to all areas frequently used by our clients in their homes. Tasks can be tailored to meet your personal needs and preferences.

We understand that the needs of each customer are different and will work within your specific needs if you choose to use our services.

Home autonomy is important for people with disabilities and NDIS household chores allow people to continue living in the homes they know and love while allowing them to maintain their independence.

What kind of household tasks can we cover?

Support workers will undertake a wide range of tasks at your home.

Household Tasks may include:

  • Cleaning stovetops
  • Wiping down benchtops
  • Wiping down inside fridges
  • Dusting
  • Washing all the dishes
  • Changing bed linen
  • Routine vacuum cleaning of floors, mats, stairs and other surfaces
  • Cleaning bathrooms including showers, baths and toilets
  • Removing cobwebs from ceilings, corners and skirting boards
  • Vacuuming cushions and furniture
  • Emptying rubbish bins
  • Mopping floors including tiled areas
  • Polishing banisters, rails and other surfaces that have been previously cleaned
  • Cleaning or replacing light fixtures and bulbs
  • Vacuuming under sofas, beds, desks and other furniture
  • Watering indoor plants as requested
  • Feeding pets as agreed to in consultation with the client
  • Laundry services including washing, drying and folding clothes where appropriate
  • Ironing clothes in accordance with client preferences
  • Cleaning windows
  • Replacing light bulbs in frequently used rooms where necessary
  • Clearing out fridge/freezer when requested by the client
  • Cooking meals for clients when requested, if pre-arranged
  • Chopping vegetables and preparing ingredients for cooking
  • Getting groceries bought on your list when requested


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