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About Us

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About Rest Care WA

Providing Quality Personal Care

Rest Care WA established as a registered NDIS provider and disability service organisation following the implementation of the NDIS in Australia. We recognised an opportunity to provide person centred, flexible, responsive, and participant directed supports to people living with a mental illness or disability and continually strive to deliver high quality services in everything we do.

We understand the importance of social inclusion and have created a space for people to participate in Centre Based Group Activities where we foster a culture of inclusion, diversity, individuality, and participant directed activities. The activity space is for participants, and we developed it for people to have a place where they can feel safe, comfortable, supported, and valued as an individual while having the opportunity to socialise, participate in activities, develop skills, receive support to achieve goals and build capacity in ways that are meaningful for each person.

Our Goals

Making sure that you wake up with a smile.

We offer you the best and reliable support


To ensure a safe, caring and non-discriminative environment and to operate a viable and continuous service to people living with a disability in Inverell and surrounding districts.


To improve the quality of life for people living with a disability by offering paid employment opportunities and encouraging self-esteem, self-development, and training in a work environment.

Your Best Care Taker

Why Choose Rest Care WA?

Your needs are our priority in Rest Care WA. We will work with you to find the right people who can meet your needs, so that our coordinators can find the right people for you. If you need help doing small things in the house, doing some things, buying groceries, cooking, or keeping your favorite company while you are away, our trained staff can help you. Even some personal aspects of your day can be taken care of by us

1. We use a power-based approach

We focus on using skills, not disabilities and developing systems to suit the needs of individuals by considering their skill levels.

2. We view compassion as an idea

This concept is a powerful force that allows our team to focus on our participants, communicate with them at a deeper level, and engage with them to achieve satisfactory and satisfactory results.

3. We count inclusion as our strength

Our pillars of strength are based on Equality, Strength, Support, Participation, Commitment, Knowledge, and Practical Skills.

4. We take decisions with full dignity and strength to achieve and maintain our trust

Our support worker staff and members are fully passionate with their work to provide best services to our participants. We respect their will!

What we value the most?

Our Values